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1. "Coming Home" - DIddy - Dirty Money - Solo Guitar / Vocal Remix (by Ely Jaffe ft. Rocky Z) 

Hello everyone, enjoy this remix / cover of I´m coming home by the P Diddy himself ft. Skylar Grey! I worked very hard to make some great new instrumental music for this song with my companion Rocky Ziegler in his studio, and figured we´d mix it...

180 viewsduration: 00:03:000 CommentsENGLISHcreated: 06-12-2011

created By: Yerachmiel´s

Yerachmiel and Ely Jaffe   
2. Welcome the Bride 
Welcome the Bride

A stirring classic off the Ahava Ve´achva album....Soar to lofty heights as Yerachmiel swoons you with his melodious original....And think of that special someone!

95 viewsduration: 00:03:260 CommentsENGLISHcreated: 11-25-2010

created By: Yerachmiel´s

Yerachmiel Solo   

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