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1. Hinei Onoichi - Tzlil Vzemer 1991 
Hinei Onoichi - Tzlil Vzemer 1991

Tzlil Vzemer Boys Choir singing Hinei Anoichi, a beautiful composition off of their fifth album.Soloist is Moshe (AKA Moe) Kiss with a little bit of help at the end from Yerachmiel (AKA Rocky) Zeigler and the young violinist whose name I dont...

176 viewsduration: 00:04:100 CommentsENGLISHcreated: 11-25-2010

created By: Yerachmiel´s

Tzlil V\'zemer   
2. Toto - Africa Acoustic Cover - Watch!! 
Toto - Africa Acoustic Cover - Watch!!

Acoustic cover - Dear folks! Please bask your ears to this melodious treat! We are singing this timeless classic for you! Left: Yerachmiel "Rocky" Ziegler, world renowned singer/songwriter! middle: Ely Jaffe, wannanbe guitarist! Right: Shmuel...

167 viewsduration: 00:03:260 CommentsENGLISHcreated: 11-25-2010

created By: Yerachmiel´s

Yerachmiel and Ely Jaffe   

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