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1. When The Messiah Comes 
When The Messiah Comes

a beautiful song from the late great moshe yess (with a little slapstick humor from maury and yerachmiel)

104 viewsduration: 00:03:100 CommentsENGLISHcreated: 06-12-2011

created By: Yerachmiel´s

B´Jazzled!   The Moshe Yess Project   
2. Jewish Child 
Jewish Child

A great song written by the late great Moshe Yess . Enjoy!

128 viewsduration: 00:03:000 CommentsENGLISHcreated: 06-12-2011

created By: Yerachmiel´s

The Moshe Yess Project   Yerachmiel Solo   
3. B´jazzled! 

B´Jazzled!@ Avrum Cafe June 7 9:30pm 15 nis entrance

268 viewsduration: 00:01:000 CommentsENGLISHcreated: 11-22-2010

created By: Yerachmiel´s

B´Jazzled!   Promo Videos   

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