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1. Mayim RabimProject: New single Mayim Rabim 
Mayim Rabim

A song about love from Song of Songs.

409 viewsduration: 00:03:000 CommentsHEBREWcreated: 01-19-2011

created By: Yerachmiel´s

Yerachmiel Solo   
2. Tzlil Vzemer Rehearsal 1991 
Tzlil Vzemer Rehearsal 1991

Tzlil Vzemer Boys Choir singing Achas Shoalti as they practice and test the sound before the actual concert.Soloist are Hilly Glazer fallowed by Shlomo Chaitovsky and Yerachmiel (AKA Rocky) Zeigler.Brooklyn College, 1991.

125 viewsduration: 00:03:240 CommentsENGLISHcreated: 11-25-2010

created By: Yerachmiel´s

Tzlil V\'zemer   
3. Mystic Lights 3--Al Hanisim.wmv 
Mystic Lights 3--Al Hanisim.wmv

Optimystical doin a fun chanuka party

66 viewsduration: 00:04:000 CommentsENGLISHcreated: 11-25-2010

created By: Yerachmiel´s

Chanukah   Optimystical   

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